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Meet the Founder & CEO

Sherress Hicks, MS, QMHP, HCM, CFD

While working in healthcare for over 20 years, I have seen racially systemic healthcare at its best in mental and behavioral health.  It wasn't until I began experiencing my own voice not being heard that I saw the lack of health quality in obstetrics and gynecology to the women of BIPOC communities.

I was concerned about reproductive, maternal and fetal health after experiencing racial bias regarding my reproductive health and after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer that could have been prevented. I have been studying Chinese Medicine and discovered pertinent information regarding the reproductive system that helped me heal such as Vaginal Steaming with medicinal herbs. I now teach those methods to increase fertility as a Certified Fertility Doula.  


Once I moved to GA and discovered how high the maternal fetal health mortality rates were it alarmed me, therefore experiencing some anxiety.  It was then my desire to start the alliance which consists of health educators, registered nurses, doulas and therapists. 

I am an HBCU graduate, Norfolk State University, with a Bachelor's degree in Sociology and possess a Master of Science in Management. I am

a Health Educator and Healthcare Manager with over 22yrs of healthcare experience and 17yrs of being a mental health counselor. I am currently seeking a Board Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner and am the owner of Divinely Natural, LLC.

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