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Please Consider Donating to Our Cause

This year's FUNDRAISING EFFORTS are geared toward providing women of color with a Birthing Doula & Postpartum Doula.  We would also like to donate a cenotaph cradle to a Maternal Bereavement Unit at an Atlanta hospital.

  1. Be apart of our 100 Club by donating $100.  
  2. Donate $500 to be apart of our Signature 500 Club.
  3. Donations of $1000 - $5000 will be apart of our Exclusive Gold Club and will have 1 reserved table at our 1st Annual Sneaker Ball Gala.
  4. Over $10,000 donations will be Platinum Donors​ and have 2 reserved tables at our 1st Annual Sneaker Ball Gala.

All donations go towards the efforts listed below unless otherwise stated.  If you would like to donate to a specific cause please indicate it on your donation message.

  • Birthing Doula for a Mom-to-Be
  • Healthy nutritious meals for a Mom-To-Be
  • A Post Partum Doula for a Mom & Family
  • Healthy nutritious meals for a Post Partum Mother
  • Community Education/Training
  • Racial Bias Education/Training for Physicians & Hospitals
  • GAMFHA's App Creation (Mental Health, Doula Directory, Education, Nutrition)

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