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If your organization or social group is interested in having GAMFHA provide education, please fill out the form and select a topic. We will get back to you at our earliest convenience.


  • Menstruation & Reproductive Health
  • What Causes Pre-term Birth & Labor
  • The Importance of Doula's
  • Nutrition & Pregnancy

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We have partnered with Power Forward Outreach to educate the community on menstrual & reproductive health. Ages 10+

You DON'T want to miss this! Epic information to be shared.


*Healthy Menstrual Cycle

*PMS Symptoms

*Period Hygiene

*The Color of your Period

*7 Imbalances in Reproductive Health related to YOUR Period

*Nutrition while on your Period

GAMFHA Helps Orchestrate Cenotaph Cradle 

for Northside Hospital

The Georgia Maternal Fetal Health Alliance helped Northside Hospital receive an Amish Cenotaph Cradle from Kennedy's Angel Gowns.  Journalist, Hope Ford covered the story.

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